The members of the Dexterville Company had been meeting in various homes and store fronts since the 1850’s. In 1936 the members decided that they wanted a church of their own. Leslie Woodruff and Merton Caster were riding through Dexterville on Old Rte. 3 when they saw a vacant church owned by the Methodist Protestants. At the time, however, the basement was being used as storage for onions. This was 1936, and on February 1st of that year, a business meeting was called, and the members voted to rent the church at a price of $5. a month. This money was used for repairs. The members first met in this church on March 7, 1936.

Seven years later, 1943, the property was purchased for $550; the Oswego Company, who had been sojourners for eighty-one years, now had their own church. The church membership at that time was approximately 25 members. A year later the membership doubled; in 1975, the members tallied at 126. Today the membership is 190.

On May 13, 1944, the Dexterville Church was officially dedicated. There was never a mortgage-burning ceremony, for the members of the Dexterville Church paid the $550 in cash.

Before the Dexterville Church was moved away from the road, one would enter the church through the basement foyer, and to enter the sanctuary, one would go to either the left or right and walk up a flight of stairs. To go to the Sabbath school room, one would walk into the basement foyer and then walk straight ahead. The Cradle Roll, Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior classes were integrated as one class with one leader.

Under the leadership of Elder R.H. Ferris in 1961, the church was moved to where it is standing today. A new foundation was laid by the men of the church. The inside was remodeled with new furniture and carpeting under the leadership of Elder G. H. Greene. In 1968, the back extension was added under the leadership of Elder P.W. Lamb.

Dexterville did not have its own pastor until Elder Ralph Neall came in 1956. Other pastors included Roger Ferris, 1959; Gerald Greene, 1962; Percy Lamb, 1966; Elder Michael Lay, 1970; Elder Herb Coe, 1977; Elder Michael Sady, 1984; Elder Edmund Robinson, 1989;  Elder Joel Nephew in 1995, Pastor Michael Brazington in 1999 and Pastor Robert Hess in 2005.